Mubea Management Conference

Event Type: Conference

Each year, Mubea, one of Europe’s largest automotive suppliers, invites its executives to a conference to discuss current developments, discuss strategy issues and look to the future together.

In September 2016, the management conference was to be interactive for the first time. That’s why you got SwarmWorks on board. Q & A sessions are a simple but very valuable tool to clarify open questions, get feedback, and learn how to present featured content to attendees. Past conferences have shown Mubea that ultimately it is always the same people who ask their questions.

The goal this year was to really involve all of the around 170 participants in the room and to significantly lower the hurdle to ask a question. SwarmWorks provided iPads throughout the venue, both in the meeting room and in the breakout rooms, to which participants could enter their questions anonymously at any time.

Managing Director Jan Schmidt-Dohna, who moderated the event, invited all participants to ask as many questions as possible. The questions entered remained visible on the iPads and could be reinforced with a “Like” thumb by other participants, if they also found them interesting. The result: more questions were asked than in recent years. Thanks to the evaluation mechanism, the speakers and the management also saw which questions were particularly important to many participants and answered them prioritized.

The feedback from the participants and speakers was consistently positive. The new setting was perceived as very innovative and stimulating discussion. All questions were provided to the Executive Board following the event and could be incorporated directly into the Lesson’s Learned Meeting.

Jan Schmidt Dohna

Jan Schmidt-Dohna

Managing Director Mubea Group und Moderator der Veranstaltung

“In such a big round many participants find it difficult to openly ask their questions. SwarmWorks’ interactive Q & A solution helped us overcome this hurdle. In addition, this solution enabled a very fast and transparent evaluation of the questions. “