Interaction where you need it

Have you ever asked your entire company for his opinion? That’s possible with the SwarmWorks Cloud!

Straightforward and intelligent: we’ve put the essence of all our experience into our cloud. With the in-house developed SwarmWorks Cloud, you can not only intelligently loosen up your presentation, but also easily query opinions in real time. Participants use their own devices such as As a smartphone, tablet or laptop to participate in the interactions. The special feature: The participants do not have to install an app, but simply enter the browser link and the given event code and can participate immediately. Everything is possible – from small, looser polls to quick voting and asking for opinions and more – even across all locations!

Cloud Online Events


Simply quickly and inexpensively us even with his own equipment to participate in voting. The browser-based SwarmBox makes it possible.


The SwarmWorks Cloud can also be used in the form of a digital scavenger hunt, where your participants in the team perform various tasks while exploring the city. (The mission can only be booked with our services and equipment provided by us)

Advantages of the cloud system


The simplicity of the SwarmWorks Cloud allows it to be flexibly integrated into any setting. The ability to use the cloud via the mobile data, the participants are independent of location.

Simple processes

We advise you in the creation of a simple process based on predetermined interaction and evaluation modules.

Bring your own devices

Participants may use their own equipment or equipment provided by us for participation. Furthermore, single or team devices can be used.


The questions are with interaction formats such. B. multiple-choice, scale ratings and joint brainstorming mappable.


In addition to voting, SwarmWorks Cloud also allows you to stream images and slides on your own user devices.


You can use the SwarmWorks Cloud as an internal tool in the subscription model or book for one-off events with our service. With our add-ons we find the perfect solution to use the SwarmWorks Cloud ideally.


After the event, we will create a detailed Excel and PDF export of all collected results.

Learning success

Perform simple learning success checks with the cloud, and see where training needs are right now for your participants.

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