Interaction with the audience made easy by virtual events

We have packed our collected experience into one box, the SwarmBox!

The SwarmBox is our in-house developed cloud solution for virtual events. Relax your event, collect valuable feedback and work together on current topics. The SwarmBox makes it easy and fast to participate in queries with your own smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether strategy development in a small team or a mood poll at a major event. Simply enter the dedicated link into your browser and get started.

Simply create your own query with our editor or book our service for your event. Our SwarmBox service includes the creation of the desired interactions, on-site technical support and, if desired, the provision of equipment.

Virtuelle Events

What are the advantages of the SwarmBox?

Enthusiastic participants

Live Communication

Data protection thanks to German Sever

Quick & easy

What distinguishes the SwarmBox from other cloud providers?

Discover the interaction possibilities of the SwarmBox