The mouthpiece for your audience

Receive individual feedback in real time through innovative technology – whether with a hundred participants at the customer event or thousands of employees in the large arena.

Collect spontaneous mood and opinion pictures, vote on solutions and measures for your current challenges or convey your content in a playful way in a quiz format. Go into a dynamic live dialogue with your participants and design your presentation with your audience’s feedback in mind.

Every participant will be interactively involved in your event as simply as never before!

What does polling do for your participants?

Directs attention

Positive energy

Create dialogue

Power of We

Polling types

Vision Polling


Yes or no? Right or wrong? Theme A or B? You can already learn so much from these two questions!

Vision Polling

Single/Multiple Choice

What do you favor? A, B or C? Even complex business questions can be covered by a simple multiple-choice question.

Vision Polling

Scale question

How high do you estimate the turnover for 2020? With this simple estimation question you can get your participants directly on board.