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Innovative technologies allow you to interact directly and dynamically with your audience in a completely new way. SwarmWorks offers interactive technologies for events, meetings, workshops and trainings.

Interaktive Events

Interactive virtual events

The event format of today

Due to the current circumstances, face-to-face events can no longer take place as usual. They will either be cancelled or postponed. In order to bring participants together, share knowledge and convey messages, one goes into the virtual world. Virtual events enable the participation in events, meetings and congresses independent of location.

With our innovative technologies we have already carried out many virtual events and can fall back on several years of know-how. Use the advantages and potentials of virtual events now!

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What is SwarmWorks?

Innovative technologies for exciting & efficient events

We offer you extraordinary technologies for your interactive event. Our service includes the complete package to make your event efficient and interactive. We are as individual as you and make the interactions pixel-perfect according to your wishes!

Let your participants work together or bring the emotions in the room to a boil. Make your event special and give each participant a voice!

Lassen Sie Ihre Teilnehmer untereinander vernetzt arbeiten oder bringen Sie die Emotionen im Saal zum Kochen. Machen Sie Ihr Event zu etwas Besonderem und geben Sie jedem Teilnehmer eine Stimme!

Our products

Inspirations, interactive ideas & solutions for your next event

Our innovative products and technologies engage your participants 100% interactive in your event.
We offer you reliable technologies and the know-how to get the best out of your event!

Vision SwarmPads


Innovative, fast and easy: Thanks to optical signal recognition, Vision offers real-time gaming and voting applications. 

Digital Events


Flexible, efficient and productive: intelligently networked devices enable modern teamwork even in the most demanding setups.

Cloud Online Events


Audience engagement made easy. Use numerous types of interactions for fast feedback and idea gathering using your own smartphone or tablet from anywhere.

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We convince with our innovative interactive technologies and harness the power of the audience.

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