Small paddles that make a big difference

Have you ever jointly navigated a plane with hundreds of people? Or played variations of Pong with several thousands? We make it possible!

Fast and easy: The interaction with your audience takes place using special optical reflectors. A system of cameras and computers captures and evaluates the audience’s signals in real-time and allows for very fast interactions.

Applications includes different types of entertaining crowd games and gamification as well as voting, decision-making and more.

Vision ensures that the audience stays focused on the stage at all times – an added advantage when dealing with the omnipresent distractions from personal mobile devices.

Vision SwarmPads

Vision Gaming

Our gaming technology allows to deploy different types of games with practically unlimited number of participants. Pitch teams against each other to kick off fun and productive competitions or have people sail a regatta boat as one team.

Vision Polling

Collect spontaneous opinion pictures, let us vote on solutions and measures for your current challenges or convey your content in a playful way in a quiz format.

Advantages of the vision system

Real time

The participants’ signals are evaluated in real-time and the results are immediately available for viewing.

Ease of Use

As easy to do as a show of hands: participants cast their votes by simply holding up their reflective paddles.

Corperate Identity

We integrate desired elements of the customer’s CI into our applications. Thus, every game or interaction can be branded to suit customer requirements.


Audience attention remains focused onto the main stage and screen or speaker. The result is a live dialogue between participants and speaker.

Large audiences

Be it a management conference of 50 executives or an employee event of 50,000 people, with Vision you can actively and individually involve each and every one of even very large audiences.

Multi Site

Connect participants across locations: Pitch teams in New York against teams in Boston. Or ask audiences at different locations for their opinion and combined the results side-by-side for comparison. Possibilities galore.